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  1. Dennis P
    Dennis P
    waiting for the Ice to melt!!!
  2. gmorgan
    gmorgan Jon
    Hey, Jon, happy New Year’s. Looks like we have got a lot of trash on the site this morning when I clicked on new posts.
    I havent heard anything about your XR since the initial motor problems...fill me in, please.
    1. Jon
      Hey man, sorry about that. I've been on a slightly large boat for a bit down south :). It looks like one of the other guys cleaned up the mess though.

      The XR ran great once I got the motor back together... then I sold the motor :). The XR will be up for sale shortly, while I contemplate the next thing I want to blow up! The XR with the 280 I had on it was just stupid fast, and had torque at any rpm.
      Jan 9, 2018
  3. David Shook
    David Shook dubmoney
    I'll Try Again Is It a sportsmaster a torquemaster an RX 6 An RX 4 a CLE Whats the gear ratio I need a 15 inch but need a bit more info ?
  4. David Shook
    David Shook Dave Hensley
    Dave Don't sell the tater chip without calling me Might figure a way to keep part of it in the water, Also need a 15 XR 6 if you know of any thing ?
  5. Jimmy Morris
    Jimmy Morris
    Hello. I recently restored a 79 SST. This boat was bought new by my dad. I am having a severe porpoising problem. Any help would be great.
  6. XTB finally
    XTB finally DaveW
    Congratulations what kind of numbers are you turning with the 250 XS?
  7. Kelly Mark Hensley
    Kelly Mark Hensley
    Spoke wwith Darris this Morning ,
  8. michael meyer
    michael meyer
    Hey all! thanks for the adding me on here. Fl native, have been saltwater for 17 yrs. looking to go back fresh. chat with you all soon.
  9. Levi
    I just recently bought a 1988 Allison xtb 21 my first boat I ever owned. I have always want one scence I could remember
  10. BobbyBergren
    Looking for used Alison XB-21 XST, XB-21 BasSport 2+2, XB-21 ProSport, or XB-21 BasSport Pro. Message or Email
  11. Adair
    Proud owner of 97 xb003 pro sport
  12. stan92
    Josh from Greensboro nc I have been around boats and racing since I was young/younger I have a 2016 xr2002 with a 1997 15" 225 mariner
  13. Jason Mathewes
    Jason Mathewes DOUBLE J
    Do you still have the 26 jaco prop for sale?
  14. Wyman Boatwright jr
    Wyman Boatwright jr
    Looking a super sport!!!!
  15. mayberryrick
    mayberryrick nickens21
    Give me a call at 865-607-8846. Have a question about your XTB.
  16. JWolff
    JWolff Jr in Jax
    Were you able to fix the old ECU or did you just trash it and go to the ACU?
    What motor was it on?
    1. Jr in Jax
      Jr in Jax
      I still have the ECU on my workshop shelf for my 98 ProMax 225 SS [15 mid]. Simon and CDI in the panhandle both used to repair them. There have also been quite a few that added an external pump relay that powers the pump when the key is turned on.
      Jul 20, 2017
    2. Jr in Jax
  17. dubmoney
    dubmoney admin
    I think it would be cool if we had a tab on our memeber profile to list our boat, motor, props, speeds, set-back, and maybe every other little thing like trolling motors, fish finders, gauges, other accessories. I know we have a page that lists owners, but it is hard to cross referece between names and screen names.
  18. BuddyBell
    BuddyBell admin
    I am posting for my father...he has a 1999 Allison mint condition for sale and wants to pay the $50 to do we do that?
  19. Dennis P
    Dennis P
    Went from Big bay to Wiarton back to Owen Sound the circumnavigated Grifith and Hay islands before visiting a friend on white cloud island.
  20. Dennis P
    Dennis P
    Finally Summer is here and was out in the GS on the weekend on Georgian Bay,